Famous Irish People: Actors

This list of facts on famous Irish people looks at famous Irish actors, the Irish men and women that went on to make it big in Hollywood.

Everyone probably has their own list of famous Irish people and actors are usually a large part of it. In fact Ireland is probably boxing above it's weight as to how many Irish people achieve fame in the world of acting.

This list of famous Irish actors is by no means exhaustive and is only my version although I am pretty sure some of the same names would appear on a lot of peoples lists. I hope that some of these facts on Irelands famous sons and daughters in the acting world is somewhat useful to you.

They are not listed in any particular order, it just happens to be the way I typed them out.

Richard Harris - Limerick man, Harris was born in 1930 had a long and distinguished career since first coming to prominence in the film about English Rugby League Football called This Sporting Life. Some of the other famous films he appeared in are, A Man Called Horse, The Cassandra Crossing, The Field, Unforgiven, Harry Potter.

Harris was a rugby fanatic and a mad follower of Munster rugby. He also had a reputation for drinking and womanizing, this quote from Harris sums up that part of his life.

"I often sit back and think, I wish I'd done that, and find out later that I already have".

Pierce Brosnan - born in 1952 Brosnan made his name in the hit television series Remington Steele. He has made many well received movies but is probably most well known for his role as James Bond in Golden Eye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough, and Die Another Day.

Gabriel Byrne -Born in 1950, Dublin native, Byrne has an extensive list of credits to his name, both as an actor and director . Some of his most well known films are Stigmata, The Man in the Iron Mask, The Usual Suspects, Millers Crossing, Lionheart, Little Women.

Brenda Fricker - Born in Dublin in 1945 Fricker was a long time star of the B.B.C. television series Casualty before moving to concentrate on the U.S. Won an Oscar for her role in My Left Foot and starred in Home Alone 2 and So I Married an Axe Murderer.

Colm Meaney - Born in Dublin in 1952, Meaney has appeared in a vast string of roles starred in The Dead, The Commitments, Dick Tracy, Die Hard II -Under Siege, The Last of the Mohicans, Far and Away.

Meaney won a Golden Globe Award for his role in Roddy Doyle's The Snapper. Best known for his role as Chief Engineer Miles O' Brien in Star Trek - Deep Space Nine and Star Trek - The Next Generation.

Colin Farrell - Born in Dublin in 1976, Farrell first came to prominence in the hit B.B.C. television series set in Avoca,County Wicklow called Ballykissangel. He made his breakthrough in the U.S. with his role in Tigerland. Has since gone on to star in Ordinary Decent Criminal, Phone Booth, The Recruit, Alexander, Intermission, Miami Vice.

Peter O' Toole - Nominated for eight Academy Awards, Peter O'Toole starred in such classics as Lawrence of Arabia 1962, The Lion in Winter 1968, The Last Emperor 1987 and Zulu Dawn 1997. O' Tooles acting backgroun was with the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and as such was a highly regarded stage actor. Like Richard Harris, O'Toole had a reputation as a womanizer and drinker.

Many people often think of Peter O' Toole as the quintessential Englishman but in fact he was Irish and proud of it. O'Toole was born in Connemara in 1932. O'Toole did move to England as a child but took fierce pride in his Irishness.

Liam Neeson - born in Ballymena,County Antrim in 1952, Neeson has quite a list of successful films, The Mission, Suspect, Husbands and Wives, Nell, Rob Roy, Michael Collins, Star Wars, Schindlers List.

Maureen O'Hara born in Dublin in 1920, starred in Jamaica Inn and The Hunchback of Notre Dame before going on to appear in many John Ford movies. Probably most famous for her role in the Quiet Man opposite John Wayne.

Of course there are many famous Irish people,actors included so keep a watch out for more additions to our section on famous Irish people.

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