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Among our recipe collection you will find all kinds of Irish Recipes like: Irish brown bread recipe, Irish soda bread recipe, Irish stew recipes, Irish dessert recipes, Irish coffee recipes and lots more Irish food.
Find out what makes Irish food recipes and the Irish so unique.

To varying degrees a country's recipes are a reflection of its land and people. With this in mind we have provided a little bit of background on the Irish themselves. Get a better sense of the people that eat, create and adapt these recipes. Find out a little more about the soul of the recipes themselves and get a better perspective in general on what goes into an Irish recipe, the unseen, but very real, ingredients of these unique recipes.

To provide you with the bigger picture you will find information on other aspects of Irish life which in their own way are as rich and unique as our recipes.

Discover what the story is behind those Famous Irish Sayings and Proverbsand why they can often be so subtle, descriptive and damning at the same time.

Read a little on the tongues and wits behind those famous Irish Quotes.and find information about Irish people that are famous in a wide area of topics from science to art to business in our section on Famous Irish People

So make yourself the perfect Irish coffee, the real, authentic, traditional Irish coffee recipe using the original Irish Coffee Recipe as created by Joe Sheridan in Foynes all those years ago, and join us on a trip through all things Irish and discover Ireland.

Also, enjoy your favorite Irish music lyrics and find some new ones in our ever-growing list of Irish song lyrics!

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Giorraion Beirt Bothar An old Irish proverb meaning, 'Two shorten the road'.

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